Spring Simplifying

Spring Organization

The changing of the seasons is a great time to organize some of your spaces and get things ready for the summer. Here’s a few areas of your home that could probably do well with some organizing love! Grab some trash bags, bins, or boxes and designate one for trash, donate, sell, and relocate (to another room). Let’s get to work!


Organize Your Closet
The cold weather is finally gone so perfect time to go back through those winter clothes and accessories and look ahead towards your spring/summer wardrobe. Old, stained, or ripped clothing should be thrown out or donated (depending on the condition). Go through and pull out the clothes you didn’t touch during the winter. Not your style? Doesn’t fit? Have too many of the same thing? Sell or donate those items. Now go through your spring & summer clothing. Do they fit? Is it still your style? If the answers are no, sell or donate them. 

Organize Your Makeup + Skin Care
Do you use different products depending on the weather? The end of a season is a good reminder to check dates on all your beauty and skin care products. Any product that is old or expired, throw it away. If you have product that you didn’t like or it didn’t work well for you, there’s no reason to hold on to it. If you don’t already have a system for organizing your product, think about getting some containers to separate by type or routine (am/pm/weekly).

Facial Products

Organize Your Linen Closet
When was the last time you refreshed your linen closet? Take out and separate everything into groups: towels, washcloths, blankets, sheets, pillowcases, beach towels, etc. Keep one extra sheet set for every bed in your house. Put heavy winter blankets up on the top shelf. Go through your towels and get rid of those that are torn, stained, or old. If you are unsure about getting rid of stuff, I always say that you shouldn’t keep towels or linens that you would not offer a guest. Think about using some baskets (and labels!) to separate the different categories of linens so you can easily locate and put away.

Organize Your Garage & Shed
For those who have a garage or shed, they can sometimes become a catch all for items that don’t have a designated home. Time to clean it out and find a home for those random pieces. Start with putting away anything that is used during the winter: winter sports gear, shovels, sleds, etc. Put those items on the top shelf or somewhere out of the way. Bring the summer toys and sports gear down to the bottom shelves or somewhere easily accessible and go through to make sure they are still in good shape and age appropriate for your kids. Sell or donate the items that the kids (or yourself) have outgrown. Get the tools and yard supplies off the floor by using shelving, getting a wall organizer, or even a magnetic strip to organize the small yard tools.

Shed Organization
Summer Organization

Organize For Summer Fun
Do you have an easily accessible grab and go spot in your house for seasonal essentials? Whether you have kids or not, this will make those summer days easier and ensure you never forget that bottle of sunscreen when you are spending the entire day outdoors! So think about what you need for those Spring and Summer days at the pool, park, and beach. Towels, floats, toys, goggles, sunscreen, bug spray, sunglasses, etc. should be kept together in a convenient place whether it’s a bin in the garage, near the entryway, or in the closet so you can easily grab and go! 

Sometimes it’s hard to get rid of things. There are feelings of wastefulness, guilt, fear, and regret. It can lead to a lot of anxiety. Those feelings are normal and it’s totally okay to feel that way. Organizing and simplifying is a journey and it can be tough sometimes. But I have yet to have a client who regrets their decision to let go of the excess in their life that isn’t serving them anymore. This process can be draining, but it can also be so rewarding, so I challenge you to finish one of these areas and see how you feel! If you get stuck, use this flowchart below to really simplify the process. Remember that your home isn’t a storage building. It’s a place where you should feel at ease and able to re-energize!

Should I Keep It?

So have fun, take before and after photos and let me know how it goes!